Why reviews really do matter for salons

3 mins read

Are reviews really worth it? Well, in a word: yes. Very much so — and for more reasons than you might think. 

Testimonials from your clients are one of the best ways to both promote and improve your business. Let’s take a closer look at the real value of a review.

They help you build the reputation you deserve

When a client is looking for their next appointment, they need to know they’re booking somewhere they can trust — and you need them to know that’s you. 

Here’s where the stars come in. A set of glowing reviews from your happy clients is the perfect way to encourage new clients to book online with confidence. And it has an instant impact, too — for example, over 90% of the bookings on Treatwell go to salons with 21 or more reviews.

When those clients are searching and comparing their options online, having those reviews help give your business more clout, generating those all-important star ratings that’ll give you the edge over your competition. 

They’re the perfect marketing companion

As well as building up your reputation over time, actively sharing those reviews can help drive even more bookings, every day.

Share good reviews wherever you can: on social media, by email, even printed out in the salon. By putting your name (and work) in front of your followers and clients, you can keep yourself top of mind, remind them of your quality and even quietly prompt them to book in their next appointment with you.

Think of it as the digital version of word of mouth —  around 4 out of 5 consumers put verified, helpful reviews from others at the same level as recommendations from their friends and family. It’s the ultimate proof that you do great work.

You can learn (a lot) from them

Salon reviews are for more than just sharing. They’re also an important source of information — a direct line from your clients to your business. Pay close attention to what’s actually being said in both your good and your bad reviews (unfortunately they do happen occasionally).

From the feedback you receive from your clients over time, you can see what’s working in your salon — from which star stylist’s name is coming up the most often, to which of your treatments are getting the most positive reaction — so you know to focus in those areas.

That goes both ways. Finding out what isn’t working in your salon is every bit as valuable as knowing what is, so you can take the steps to address it. (Plus, responding politely and gracefully to negative feedback can actually leave your salon looking better to others.)

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They’re a great teamwork tool

It’s not just your clients who appreciate a good review. Share great feedback you receive with your team, especially if they mention someone by name.

Recognise and celebrate good work — it’s vital for your team to enjoy their jobs, feel valued and put their best in. Letting them know you’re noticing their hard work doesn’t just give them a well-deserved confidence boost, it helps keep them invested in what’s happening with the salon in the long run.