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Easily move online from pen and paper

1999 called. It wants its filofax back.

The Treatwell Connect app allows you to easily add and change all appointments on the go - whether it's a new customer from Treatwell or a loyal regular who's returning.

Add all your bookings to ensure everyone benefits from our automated appointment reminders to avoid those painful no-shows.


Manage your staff with peace of mind

It can be a struggle to keep track of all those bookings and the changes that happen everyday - especially if you've got a phone in one hand and you're scribbling notes with the other in the middle of a busy salon.

Partner with Treatwell and your staff can download the Connect app - with custom permissions set by you - to access their own calendar. They'll be notified of any changes immediately, and so will you.


Simple, straightforward reporting

Want to keep an eye on how many bookings you've got coming in each month? And from where?

Our easy-to-use reports give you precious insights into the health of your business, such as which team members are driving you the most revenue.

You'll get reports on sales, plus how many of your bookings are new or returning clients, making it simple to see how and where you can grow your business even more. No jargon, just the figures you need.


Keep your clients and business secure

You and your customers care about data protection. And that means we do too.

Partnering with Treatwell means keeping your business GDPR-compliant. Keep password protected client details in the Connect app (and set exactly which team members can access it).


Manage all your finances digitally too

We're not going to say that finances are fun. But we are going to say that partnering with Treatwell means making them much easier.

Using the Treatwell point of sale (POS) system as your cash register, coupled with the ability to 'checkout' appointments, means you can record every sale through one system.

Treatwell Connect's got you covered

  • A beautiful digital diary
  • New booking notifications
  • Alerts to any changes made
  • Custom permissions for team
  • Sales reporting and more
  • Breakdown of new/repeat clients
  • GDPR-secure client lists
  • Automated invitations to rebook
  • Built-in email marketing tool