beauty sale


Up to 30% off treatments

Back to work. Totally skint. Grumpy. As. Hell. But hey, chin up - for the whole of January we're giving you reasons to smile: save up to 50% off cuts, massages, nails... basically whatever makes you happy. January blues don't stand a chance.


Keep your head


Barnet all over the shop? You need a hair hero. Choose from a cut and blow dry or simply a mood-boosting blow dry.


Nail therapy


A hit of colour for your nails to brighten the gloomy grey. That's one way to nail January.


Body of evidence


The festivities were fun. Now you're paying for it. Soothe your weary body.


Face up to it


Facials, brows, lashes: feel more like 'you' again with a little face time.

New Year's Revolution

Say no to resolutions you break after two weeks. And 'yes' to beauty resolutions you can keep.