Smart stock management that’s always up-to-date and helps you optimise your business

Dramatically reduce all stock-related tasks in your hair salon or beauty salon. From ordering new stock to adding and removing products, Treatwell Pro takes care of it all for you.

Treatwell Pro
no more stock taking by hand
No more stock-taking by hand

With Treatwell Pro, you can upload your inventory in one click and send it to your accountant. You can also view a detailed report of all your products, quantities and prices in real time.

order online whenever you want
Order online whenever you want

Send new orders to your suppliers directly from the management software whenever you want, even on Saturdays and Sundays. Your order history is always up to date and available at any time.

add and remove products
Add and remove products

When you receive orders from your suppliers, you can update your stock in one click and the management software automatically updates quantity. You can also easily take out products for internal use – that way, you know exactly what you’re using and how much, minimising waste.

Your stock digitalised thanks to Treatwell

The virtual warehouse you want, instead of the sheets of paper you use.

Products gathering dust in your salon or institute are a thing of the past. With Treatwell Pro, you can manage your inventory efficiently.

Ready-made product lists

Loading products into the warehouse is super easy, because we’ve already pre-loaded the official price lists of the best professional product brands. These are all divided by category and subcategory, barcode and price.

Intuitive reporting

In the tool, you’ll have a report dedicated to the circulation of products, organised by brand and category. You can export the data in CSV format at any time and work out which products you use the most on a daily basis internally and which you sell the most of to clients.

Product rotation

It’s time to stop wasting products. Treatwell shows you which surplus units need to be reduced, which items are stagnant and which ones need to be put to better use. You can compare yourself with the national average turnover and set up aggressive promotions to boost sales of the products that are gathering dust.

the virtual warehouse you want instead of the sheets of paper you use

Online ordering

Wherever you are, you can order whatever you need from the app.

Ready to stop wasting product? Sending orders is easy and automatic, but most importantly, you can do it whenever you want, even when your suppliers are closed (yes, even on Sundays)!

Order reminder

In the Stock tool in Treatwell Pro, you can set a minimum reorder threshold for each individual product. The number of products in stock will turn red when you have reached the threshold quantity, reminding you to place a new order with your supplier immediately.

Inventory in one click

Days spent stock-taking will be a distant memory. With Treatwell Pro, your inventory is always up to date and you can export it to Excel in less than a minute!

Fast ordering

You can send new orders to your suppliers and monitor their status. When creating the order, you can also enter quantities according to urgency for each individual product. Your supplier then receives a complete document and you can update your stocks with one click from your end.

wherever you are you can order whatever you need from the app
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