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Sky, Beauty Bar London

Sky, Beauty Bar London

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Meet Sky – the owner of Beauty Bar, a bespoke salon specialising in top quality waxing services.

Based in one of the busiest areas of London, Chancery Lane, Beauty Bar offers expert beauty treatments in a calm and friendly setting.

How did you manage your appointments before Treatwell?

When I first opened Beauty Bar, looking after bookings was a bit of a nightmare. All I had was a book, a pencil, and a rubber. My paper diary was filled with scribbles and changes – which is why I always used a pencil, never a pen!

What challenges did you face? 

I couldn’t accept bookings on weekends or days off, so if someone texted me on Saturday to book in for next week, they had to wait until Monday just to get a booking confirmation.

Managing bookings and paperwork would take up hours of my time each week. Every minute is precious when running a business – and I could have been spending that time taking on more clients or marketing my business.

Why did you join Treatwell?

When I opened my salon, I had no way of attracting clients. No website, no sign in the window – not even a board outside telling customers we’re open! 

So I joined Treatwell, which I thought was a salon listing site that would help me get new clients. But it turned out to be so much more than that. I ended up with a whole software system for running my business. 

And the salon, as I know it, wouldn’t exist without it. Treatwell Connect doesn’t just make my life easier – it makes my clients’  lives easier, too. 

Sky Beauty Bar

What are the biggest benefits of using Connect?  

The salon software saves me at least 5 hours a week – that’s around 260 hours a year. I can spend the time with my clients instead, and not have to rush as much as before.

I think creating a positive, relaxed atmosphere is so important for making your clients want to come back – and knowing everything is a lot more organised helps me do that.

I can also view my calendar wherever I am, which makes things so much easier.

Favourite feature?

I love the automatic reminders my clients get. They come to me and say, ‘Oh, thanks for reminding me about our appointment!’ And I think, it wasn’t me, it was the system! It’s great to know Connect does that for me – it’s one other thing it automatically ticks off my list.

It helps me in so many areas of the business. It gets new clients through my door, helps me keep them coming back, and gives me access to so much data in sales reports (which are pretty easy to read).

I can’t imagine how I would run Beauty Bar without it.

Sky, Beauty Bar