Together with our partners, we can build a more sustainable beauty industry

Every day, countless hair and beauty treatments are carried out in salons across the globe. Ultimately, though, this all comes at a cost to our planet. 

The good news is that we can help take action. We’ve launched a three-step climate action plan, in order to help build a more sustainable beauty industry with our partners – and you can be a part of this. 

How (and why) we can make a difference

From paper, packaging, and plastic bottles, to hairdryers, beauty products, and water – the things used every day in a salon can have a negative impact on our planet. If you’re a salon owner, you might be wondering how you can take action. 

We’ve partnered with South Pole – the world’s leading climate solutions provider and carbon project developer – so that we can better understand the effects that the beauty industry has on climate change, and work to take action on this. 

We’ve come up with a three-step approach, which we hope will help us all move towards a more sustainable beauty industry.

treatwell towards climate action

Offsetting emissions

According to South Pole’s estimations*, on average, a beauty treatment accounts for up to 5kg of CO₂ emissions. 

We want to start our journey by committing to a project to counteract this environmental impact. We’re pledging to offset 1kg of  CO₂ for every treatment booked online at your salon. This includes all bookings made through the Treatwell App and website.

The compensation of emissions translates into our purchase of high-quality carbon credits that will finance climate action through a sustainable development project in Guinea-Bissau, which will not only contribute to actively mitigating CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, but will also provide meaningful support to vulnerable communities, most impacted by the effects of climate change. 

How you can contribute

As we mentioned, for each online booking, we’ll be offsetting 1kg of CO₂. So, more online bookings = more carbon offset. By encouraging your clients to book online, you’ll be helping to boost the amount we’re offsetting. It’s as easy as that. And remember, all online repeat bookings are commission free. 

treatwell sustainability initiative

Reducing CO₂ emissions

We don’t want to stop there. To build a truly sustainable beauty industry, we need to do even more than offsetting. To do this, we’re developing a comprehensive educational programme for our partner salons, with best practices on how you can reduce wastage and carbon emissions in the best suitable way for your business. (there’ll be more on this to come, so keep your eyes peeled). 

And what else? 

As part of our commitment, South Pole will be estimating the emissions of our European offices, and helping us to reduce our operational carbon footprint in the coming year. We know that sustainability isn’t just an option – it’s an absolute necessity. Because of this, we want to lower our impact on the environment as a company.

*from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): with an emission factor of 0.148kg/USD, a beauty treatment service of average 30€ = 5kg of CO2