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Attract customers in to your salon when you need them most

Empty chairs result in less revenue but they can also make new customers less likely to enter your salon. Increase your salon occupancy rate with Treatwell’s marketing levers such as special offers, loyalty programs and promotions.

use promotional offers for off peak timesuse promotional offers for off peak times

Use promotional offers for off-peak times

Do you have the odd morning or afternoon when bookings are slower and you’re finding it hard to keep the salon busy? With Treatwell Pro, you can offer a discount for these slots and watch the bookings roll in.

Since working with Treatwell I have noticed an increase in my rate of turnover by 25 or 30%

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Appeal to a wider client-base

appeal to a wider client base

Being on Treatwell will give you visibility to clients from all over your town, city and beyond, of all ages and genders. Your salon storefront on the Treatwell website and app with its professional photos and verified reviews will allow them to discover you.

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