The man bun is back for summer 2021. Here’s how (and why) you should style it

June 30, 2021 / Editor's picks

Ah, the man bun. A divisive hipster staple in the 2010s, and one that many of us (myself included) were glad to see virtually disappear for the past few years.

Now though, it seems like the man bun is back. It seems the likes of Brad Pitt and Antoine Griezmann are proving that it might just have outgrown its hipster reputation.

With longer hair proving a definite trend in 2021 (likely because of the months of lockdown and lack of access to a haircut that isn’t performed by your mum with the kitchen scissors), it seems that a cultural reset on the man bun is here. And honestly? We’re ready to welcome it back with open arms. Here’s how to bring the man bun into 2021.

By Beth Ryan