Why beard oil will be your best friend if you’re growing a beard

June 4, 2021 / Editor's picks

Beards have been having a major comeback moment recently- no doubt because shaving is just *too* much effort when we’re not leaving the house anyway. Now though, it seems the beard trend is here to stay, and we’re 100% here for it. 

Growing a beard might seem as simple as just foregoing the razor and letting time do its thing, but anyone who’s tried to grow a lush and dense beard, or even a little trying-but-not-trying stubble, will tell you that there are a whole host of issues that can come with it. We’re talking itchiness, frizz, dry skin and hair, and beardruff (dandruff, but in your beard. Get it?). 

These issues come about because essentially, a beard is like your skin: it needs a little TLC and maintenance to stay in peak condition. Luckily, there’s a low effort, high reward tool that can be transformational in the art of beard growing: beard oil. Want to know more? We’ve got all you need to know about this miracle solution to your beard woes.

By Beth Ryan