Foot Massage

Also known as:

Thai Foot Massage

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Feet, glorious feet! From power walking to work (too much time in bed? Me?) to wearing sky-high stilettos for a night of dancing and drinks, we owe our feet a lot. So why not treat your feet to a revitalising foot massage?

While reflexology focuses on applying pressure for health purposes, foot massages are all about relaxation. Sit back, unwind and throw your shoes off. Sublime serenity awaits. Foot massages take place in a variety of settings, from your friendly local salon to high-end hotel spas.

What to expect?

After being welcomed and shown to a specialised chair, your treatment will start with a revitalising wash and cleanse in a warm foot bath. Now's the time to get comfortable. Some people choose to close their eyes and soak up the tranquility of the environment. Others prefer to read a magazine as they enjoy their 'me' time. Your experienced therapist will apply massage oil to your feet, revitalising and smoothing your skin in the process. And then, using sweeping hand techniques, the massage itself will begin.

Like a Swedish massage, your therapist will knead and rotate your feet to stimulate the blood vessels. This will create just the right amount of soothing heat which will start to relax you.

Many experts claim foot massages can relieve stress, restore energy and improve circulation.

Some therapists focus on trigger points, looking for tender spots in your feet while flexing them gently. Your trigger points often feel like small nodules or bumps. But don't worry - bunions, lumps, dodgy toenails... your therapist has seen it all before. Consider this a judgement-free zone! The massage oil will help make your feet feel invigorated, lighter and more flexible. Ahh...

Plus, you can tailor the treatment to your needs and preferences. Feeling stressed and in need of an hour-long foot massage? Perfect. In a hurry and can only spare 25 minutes or so? No problem at all.

Good to know

There are few better ways to switch off. And while the main aim is to revive tired feet and help you relax, a lot of people find they enjoy added perks. For starters, a foot massage is one of the best acts of self-care there is. It can be a powerful and therapeutic treatment, benefitting your entire body from head to toe. Many experts claim foot massages can relieve stress, restore energy and improve circulation.

Foot massages also make excellent gifts, whether you’re treating a hard-working friend, or simply wish to give yourself some well-deserved R&R.

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