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Review Guidelines

The good stuff | The naughty stuff | When we have to step in

We think the Treatwell review platform is pretty nifty. Reviews are a great way to find out everything you need to know without the sugar-coated sales talk. Of course, to keep things honest, clean and real, it helps if we’re all singing from the same sheet.

So, in the name of a healthy, positive review platform, here are our guidelines:

The good stuff:

How to get the best Treatwell experience

  1. Get stuck in. Whatever you have to say, chances are there’s someone out there who will benefit from your personal first-hand experiences and opinions. Share them all—good or bad—and include as many details as you can. The sooner you leave a review, the more you will remember, so please try and leave it as soon as you can. We’ll only publish reviews that are left up to 3 months after your appointment, so don’t lose your chance to share your views! Please note that our review platform is to share thoughts on treatments and venues, so we only publish reviews where the appointment has taken place - if your appointment was cancelled, please let the Customer Experience team know and we will look into this for you.
  2. Be constructive. If you had a bit of a rubbish experience, tell us why. Be specific about what it was that didn’t hit the spot and not only will other users take you more seriously, but the business or professional involved is much more likely to listen up and improve. The more detail you can provide in your review, the more helpful it will be to others - it’s fine to only use a few words, so long as they are constructive and helpful to other customers. If your review is difficult to make sense of or doesn’t help other customers, the content may be removed - but your star rating will still count towards the venues rating.
  3. Be courteous. We are a diverse community of people with diverse opinions. Speaking to and about people with respect means that everyone feels free to have their say.
  4. When you see it, call it. If you see abusive content or material that violates these guidelines, report it via the "report inappropriate content" link. We always try to monitor reviews that breach our guidelines but we definitely appreciate our customers letting us know if they spot something before we do. We may temporarily disable reviews where they have been reported so that our team can look into this properly.
  5. Speak clearly and correctly. Your contributions are your voice on Treatwell, so make sure those smooth, dulcet tones ring out by being as clear, descriptive and typo-free as possible.

The naughty stuff:

How to get yourself struck off our Christmas card list

  1. Stick to the facts Please only write reviews based on your own personal experience and only submit content that you know to be accurate and fair. For example, whilst you might not be happy with the service you received & may think the person treating you wasn’t qualified to do so, you shouldn’t write that in your review if you don’t know for a fact that’s the case. Your review should also only focus on your own treatment - please don’t write a review on behalf of anyone else who you see in the salon, they will have their own chance to submit a review.
  2. Keep the peace. Treatwell is not the place for threats, personal attacks, aggressive comments or hateful, bigoted or racist speech. We are a community of people with diverse beliefs, opinions and backgrounds, so please be respectful.
  3. Don’t talk dirty. We want to keep things clean, which means no swear words, no vulgar comments, no sexually explicit language or images and no lewd propositions. Also, please don’t write in CAPS—it may be big, but it’s not clever. Please note that if we do spot the use of CAPS these will be amended to lowercase.
  4. No spam. Any obvious advertising references found in reviews, comments or other content will be deleted immediately. It is not permitted to post links, HTML, provide phone numbers, email addresses or to provide information that is unrelated to the topic in order to solicit personal or financial gain. It’s also forbidden to send bulk messages or submit any other unauthorised content with the purpose of promoting your business or product.
  5. No cheating. Our reputation and creditsystem is there to recognize and reward citizens for writing reviews and contributing to the Treatwell community.
  6. Keeping it legal. We don’t want to call in the boys in blue, so make sure you don’t break the law by:
  • submitting fake reviews or paying someone to submit content that benefits your business
  • copying other people’s content without permission or proper attribution—please be aware of copyright laws
  • scamming people into sharing personal information
  • stealing or borrowing anything from Treatwell or other sites (like copyright or trademark material)
  • breaking or hacking into private unauthorised places, especially if it’s with the intention of causing harm or stealing information
  • threatening, defaming, making libellous statements, harassing, invading people’s privacy or impersonating others. Defamation or libel means that a review makes a false statement of fact which would then be damaging to the salon - this could include, for example, if you say in your review that a therapist is not qualified, as this goes beyond your experience and knowledge - please just stick to giving your opinion on your treatment.
  • We are committed to doing everything we can to protect Treatwell from fake reviews. On the rare occasion that we do find bogus content, spam, fake reviews or submissions from fraudulent profiles, we remove them immediately and take steps to ensure that the businesses and users in question are penalised in our rankings on Treatwell.

    When we have to step in:

    Treatwell reserves the right to edit or remove reviews that we determine to be inappropriate and/or in violation of these Treatwell Review Guidelines or other terms of use.

    Please be aware that, depending on the level of offence, violating the Review Guidelines may result in the termination of your Treatwell account without warning.

    If your review is reported to the Review Team for breach, they may (a) temporarily disable the review or (b) remove its written content while they investigate. If they determine that the review does breach our Review Guidlines, they may elect to (a) remove the review in its entirety or (b) remove its written content whilst still retaining the star rating of the review. The Review Team will always reinstate the written content of the review if you re-edit and re-submit a review which conforms with these Guidelines.

    Serious allegations & Police Investigations

    Thankfully, it is rare that any serious allegations are made against a salon listed on Treatwell, but in the very unfortunate event that criminal activity, police investigations, or serious allegations are made against a salon, please email Treatwell using this form so that we can help in any way that we can and can give the issue all the attention that it needs. We can’t allow such serious matters to be recorded on a review platform, so in the event that you do leave a review referencing serious allegations or police investigations, we will remove the review and reach out to you privately so that we can assist in the best way possible.

    These review guidelines were written with the best interests of the Treatwell community in mind. If you have any additional suggestions on how to improve them, or any other feedback, please send us an email using this form.