Body Treatments

From tanning to exfoliation treatments, mud wraps to massages, if you're looking to treat your body to some serious pampering, booking into a beauty salon is the first step in your journey to utter relaxation.
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Spray Tanning and Sunless Tanning

No matter what time of year, there’s nothing like a good spray tan to make your skin look healthier, glowier and generally more even. Designed to deepen the skin to a bronzed hue, tanning mist absorbs quickly into the skin and can last up to a week, making it the perfect pre party treat.

Body Wraps

Detoxifying and skin-smoothing, a body wrap is a treatment that cocoons your whole body in a mixture of nutrient-rich mud, herbs and essential oils. Expect to be swaddled from the neck to feet in either foil, warm cloths or a linen blanket.


Designed as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, cryolipolysis is a great treatment to consider if you’re having trouble shifting stubborn body fat. Involving the localised application of a low temperature device to kill off stubborn fat cells, this breakthrough treatment is fast and effective with very little downtime required.

Body Exfoliation Treatments

A highly pampering treatment designed to combat dry, dull or lacklustre skin, a full body exfoliation will leave you with a serious glow. Whether you’re off on holiday or just want to feel the luxury of super-soft skin, this relaxing treatment should be number 1 on your beauty checklist this season.

If there's anywhere more invigorating than a beauty salon, we're yet to find it. Salons that specialise in body treatments are a haven for relaxing your muscles, revitalising your senses and making you feel as good as new, from head to toe.

Whether you want softer skin, smoother pores, weight loss remedies or more, these welcoming salons have plenty of treatments carried out by friendly therapists with a penchant for all things pampering. Here's a taster of what you can expect on the menu.

Starting with your skin, you'll find body exfoliation at the majority of body treatment salons. Invented by the ancient Egyptians, exfoliation is designed to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and rehydrated. Your therapist will use a body scrub, often including invigorating ingredients such as lavender and tea tree oil, to gently remove your surface layer of skin, revealing the new and revitalised skin beneath. The benefits are endless - body exfoliation unclogs your pores, keeps your skin clean and helps reduce body acne. Rumour has it that Cleopatra herself was a fan...

To look like a full picture of health and radiance, step into a sunbed or tanning booth. In as little as three minutes, you'll see sun-kissed skin come to light. It couldn't be simpler! But if a natural or temporary tan is more your thing, book a spray tan for a special occasion or regular top-up.

If you're looking for more of an internal change, why not try a colonic? It's no secret that our bowel movements are key to our overall wellbeing, and that means our skin too! Colonics are far less invasive than you think. You'll relax on a comfortable bed and barely feel a thing as your body gets rid of all of its unhealthy waste, resulting in an internal and external glow.

Then, of course, there's a mud wrap. Using contour bandages and a layer of mineral-rich mud, a mud wrap is an effective way of toning and tightening your body, while removing toxins and impurities. You can relieve aching joins, ease inflammation and even lose unwanted inches from difficult places such as the stomach, bottom, thighs, hips and upper arms. Count us in!

For those who want to feel mentally lighter, a floatation tank treatment is just the ticket. Some salons have an actual warm tank you can get into, while others opt for a dry floatation treatment that takes place on a special bed. Either way, the aim is the same - you'll experience a weightlessness sensation that'll leave you feeling heavenly. Your body recovers from stress, your aches and pains are relieved, and you'll leave the salon with a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Whichever body treatment you try, you're in for some serious R&R. Book yourself into a body treatment salon with Treatwell. You've earned it!

Other tempting treatments


If you're searching for the perfect facial, many beauty salons offer a range of treatments that cater to your complexion. Filled with expertly trained staff to get to the bottom of any skin issue, booking in for a facial is an important first step to getting your skin back on track.


Hair salons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer to splurge on regular hair appointments or like to chop and change to suit your location and your budget, one thing is for certain - we all need a good trim every so often and a hair salon is the place to do it.

Hair removal

Do you know your Brazilian from your Hollywood wax? Or the best way to rid your body of unwanted hair for good? Whether you're looking for long-term results or are content with your monthly wax sessions, a hair removal salon will cater to all your body hair needs under one roof.


Massage is the answer to any pain, tighteness or muscle ache you may have. A good massage performed by a professional massage therapist helps alleviate the pain in a matter of minutes! If you can’t seem to kick sore shoulders and aching joints, you need to book yourself a nice massage at the salon asap.


Nail bars are the best. Go in feeling drab and un-groomed and come out looking like a million dollars. Yes, whether it's a quick shape and tidy, a full on set of acrylics or a bold, neon pedi, nail salons have the power to transform your nails.