Ultrasound Therapy

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If you thought ultrasound was just for snapshots of your insides and grainy photos of babies-to-be, think again! Ultrasound therapy is, in fact, an innovative treatment that uses an ingenious ultrasound machine to lessen scars, stretch marks and cellulite, rejuvenate complexions, improve skin elasticity and even reduce pain and stiffness. Phew! Try it for yourself with Treatwell.

What to expect?

Is your skin looking aged and faded? Are you suffering from scarring or stretch marks? Do you have cellulite you’d just love to zap away? Or all of the above? Enter ultrasound therapy. Your treatment will begin with a friendly conversation between you and your experienced therapist. Now’s the time to address any concerns as well as discuss your goals for your session. Next stop? The treatment itself. Using an ultrasound hand-held wand that emits high-frequency noises, your therapist will gently attend to the area by stroking the wand over your skin in gentle circular movements. You can expect some creams or gels to be used, too, which helps infuse the ultrasound into the skin deeper and more effectively.

During your ultrasound therapy treatment, the vibration of the sound waves will create deep heat within your tissue.

Know before you go

  • Treatment times vary and usually take around 15 minutes to an hour per session. For larger areas such as post-pregnancy stretch marks, you’ll need to set aside 90 minutes.
  • Great news! Upon leaving your chosen salon or clinic, you’ll often see immediate improvements in your skin. For long term results, however, it’s best to book a course of treatments over a series of a few weeks.
  • During your ultrasound therapy treatment, the vibration of the sound waves will create deep heat within your tissue. This is great for softening hardened materials such as scar tissue or cellulite (yes please!), but check with your therapist if you have any concerns about using it on more sensitive parts of your body.
  • Sorry pregnant ladies! To enjoy this treatment, you’ll have to wait until after your pregnancy.

The sciencey stuff

Wondering how it works exactly? We don’t blame you. Luckily, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. It all starts with an ultrasound wand which emits noises way out of our hearing range (think dog-like sounds, but even higher). These sound waves have several different effects, which explains why ultrasound therapy boasts so many different benefits. As the ultrasound wand is stroked over your skin’s surface, the sound waves vibrate your cells, giving them a good jiggle and dilating your blood vessels which, in turn, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. Due to the millions of bubbles of oxygen produced, ultrasound therapy has the power to rejuvenate your skin and muscle tissue.

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