Top Rated 2022: Will you be one of Treatwell’s top salons this year?

Top Rated is back! We launched Top Rated back in 2017, as the perfect way to reward, recognise, and celebrate all of our amazing salons who go above and beyond to create incredible experiences for their clients.

With Top Rated, we let clients speak for themselves – through the reviews they leave after each booking. Want to be a part of this? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to become a Top Rated 2022 salon, and why you won’t want to miss out.

There are plenty of perks that come along with being a Top Rated salon. From extra online visibility and the potential to reach a tonne of new customers, to an exclusive winner’s pack to showcase your achievement (as well as a few more exciting surprises) – this year we’re back and better than ever.

We believe that everyone deserves recognition for their hard work, which is why we let all of our customers know which Treatwell salons have received the award of Top Rated each year.

How do I become a Top Rated salon?

This is up to you and your clients. Each 5-star review you receive is one step closer to reaching Top Rated status. So, whether they booked through the Treatwell app, website, your salon’s Book Now button, or even if they’ve booked with you directly – make sure to encourage every client to leave a review after every appointment.

To become a Top Rated salon in 2022, this is what you need:

⭐️ To gather as many 5-star reviews up until (and including) the 23rd of October 2022 – at least 95% of your reviews need to be 5-star

⭐️ To have received a total of at least 45 reviews since 1st January 2022

Why are reviews so important?

As a customer, when it comes to finding the perfect salon for your next treatment, we want to hear about the experiences of other customers before making up our minds. Did you know that 90% of bookings are made at salons with 21 reviews or more? Yep, good reviews play a huge role when it comes to getting bookings and attracting clients, because they let customers know that they can put their trust in your hands. Customers want a salon that goes above and beyond to create a safe, hygienic environment and an exceptional experience. When a client sees plenty of 5-star reviews, it’s the ultimate way of making sure that they feel confident when they’re booking you.

How to encourage your customers to leave good reviews

Whether you’re already a Treatwell Partner or not, there are many things you can do to improve your reviews. Here are some tips:

  • Provide quality service 

As you no doubt know, it all starts with quality service. If you meet your clients’ expectations, you’ll be well on your way to a 5-star rating.

  • Listen to your clients

It’s not always easy to meet everyone’s expectations, so make sure you address each customer’s needs. By talking about expectations before the appointment, you’ll increase the chance of a good review.

  • Be friendly and welcoming

If you and your team are friendly and welcoming, customers are more likely to have a positive experience of your salon (and therefore leave a good review). It’s especially important that the client feels comfortable – do everything you can to make the treatment a unique experience.

  • An open conversation

Let your clients know that you’d appreciate a post-appointment review. But don’t be too pushy about it; this can put them off or make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Make it easy on yourself

Treatwell makes it quick and easy for clients to leave a review. We automatically send your customers a review request after each and every appointment – whether they booked through Treatwell or not. Just make sure that if they didn’t book through Treatwell, you collect their contact information after their appointment, so that they can still leave a review.

What do I get if I achieve Top Rated 2022?

Being recognised as one of Treatwell’s Top Rated salons gives you more visibility, which in turn results in more bookings. You’ll also receive an exclusive package of materials from us, so that your customers know about your achievement (and which they can use to make commission-free bookings). The winners pack includes:

  • A letter;
  • The Top Rated certificate;
  • A guide to sharing on social media in A5 format (digital and print);
  • Top Rated sticker;
  • Window stickers and mirror stickers with QR code;
  • Top Rated badge for your location on our marketplace;
  • Increased visibility of your salon on our marketplace;
  • And last but not least, you can be one of the guests at our exclusive winner’s party.

How do I know where I stand in the rankings?

We’ll send you regular updates, but you can also easily check your progress in Treatwell PRO by going to the Reviews section. There, you’ll see all the reviews that have been left by your clients so far. You’ll then have to calculate the percentage of 5-star reviews manually.

How? Simply divide the number of 5-star ratings you received in 2022 by the total number of ratings you received in 2022. That percentage must be 95% or more to reach Top Rates status.

Interested in becoming a Top Rated but not yet a Treatwell Partner? Sign up today – it’s not too late for your salon to attend.