Introducing Treatwell Rewards: the loyalty-boosting programme (that benefits both you and your clients)

Hair and beauty pros rejoice: it’s finally here – the loyalty programme that you (and your clients) have been dreaming of. That’s right – we’re over the moon to be introducing Treatwell Rewards, our brand-new initiative to encourage client retention and loyalty for your business. 

With Treatwell Rewards, your clients will be rewarded for booking treatments online with you on a regular basis. Each booking will earn them points, which they can then exchange for vouchers to spend on future appointments. It adds a huge amount of value for your clients and can increase profits for you. It’s a win-win, really. 

Treatwell Rewards loyalty programme

How does Treatwell Rewards work?

Treatwell Rewards is designed as the ultimate beauty loyalty programme – designed to reward self-care, whilst promoting a strong and lasting relationship between you and your regulars. 

From now on, your clients will earn points for every single booking they make with you through the Treatwell app or website, as long as they’re logged into their Treatwell account. Creating a Treatwell account is easy and totally free, which makes the whole process super simple. 

The aim is for clients to continue building points (by making more bookings), until they reach “milestones” of 1,500 or 2,500 points. Once they’ve reached these milestones, they’ll have the option to convert them into vouchers. These vouchers can be used on future treatments booked through the Treatwell app, and are valid for one month. 

How do your customers earn points with Treatwell Rewards?

Your clients will receive their points within 48 hours of making their booking through Treatwell. These points will then remain as “pending points” until the appointment has been successfully completed. This means that if a client cancels their booking, or doesn’t show up – they won’t receive any of the points from that booking. Think of it as another way of reducing no-shows and encouraging customers to keep their bookings. 

Clients will also earn more points if they choose to pre-pay for their appointment. Here’s an in-depth look into how this works:

  • Online prepayment – 3 points for every pound (£1) spent.
  • Payment in the salon – 1 point for every pound (£1) spent (at time of booking)

So, picture this:

  • Your client is signed in to their Treatwell account and wants to book a “deep-cleansing facial” with you. Total price: £40.

If your client chooses to pay online, they’ll receive 3 points for every pound spent, meaning a total of 120 points.

If they choose to pay at the salon, they’ll receive 1 point for every pound spent, so a total of 40 points.

How can your clients use their Treatwell points?

Points can be exchanged for vouchers to use on future treatments, as soon as customers reach “milestones” of 1,500 or 2,500 points. Clients can check their points balance at any time via their Treatwell profile. 

There are two points “milestones” that customers can aim for: 

Milestone 1: 1,500 points. When a client reaches this milestone, they’ll have the option to convert the points into a £10 credit voucher.

Milestone 2: 2,500 points. When a client reaches this milestone, they’ll have the option to convert the points into a £25 credit voucher.

Vouchers can only be used to book through the Treatwell app, and only on online, pre-paid bookings. So, in order for clients to be able to use Treatwell Rewards with you, it’s really important that your salon has the “pay online” function enabled.  

Good to know: Your clients will have 12 months to convert their points into vouchers. Once this period has elapsed, their points will expire and can no longer be exchanged.

Treatwell Rewards
Treatwell Rewards

How does being part of Treatwell Rewards benefit you?

Our loyalty programme doesn’t just offer added value to your clients (because who doesn’t love a good saving?) – it also allows salon owners like you to boost your businesses. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get with Treatwell Rewards.

#1. It’s totally free (and incredibly easy) for you and your clients.

Yep, you read that right – Treatwell Rewards is completely free for you and your customers. Neither the points nor the credit vouchers that your customers can earn will have a negative effect on your profits. 

What’s more, there’s no extra effort needed from your side. Simply help your clients earn points by encouraging them to book through the Treatwell website or app. Once your customers are logged into their account, they’ll automatically earn points every time they book. It’s really that easy. 

#2. More loyal customers for your beauty salon

We all know that the hair and beauty industry is a competitive one, which means client loyalty is vital. Treatwell Rewards helps to build this client loyalty – supporting strong client relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Important: we don’t charge commission for repeat bookings. So, more loyal clients = more commission-free bookings.

#3. Treatwell Rewards helps to reduce cancellations and no-shows.

If a client cancels or doesn’t turn up to their appointment, then they won’t receive the points linked to that booking. We also reward more points to those who choose to pay online (pre-payment often means that a no-show or cancellation is much less likely). So, Treatwell Rewards is a great incentive for clients to keep their bookings, and helps to reduce pesky no-shows and cancellations in your salon.

Not to mention, lower cancellation rates also mean a better ranking on the Treatwell marketplace – bringing you more exposure and visibility to potential clients. 

#4. Vouchers can be used at your salon business

Once your clients have exchanged their points for credit vouchers, they can then use them to pay (entirely or in part) for a treatment at your salon – as long as they pay online. This applies even if you’re currently offering special discounts or promotions. 

In a nutshell, Treatwell Rewards is our way of thanking you (and our mutual clients) for your support. 

And if you’re not yet a Treatwell Partner? Here’s how to bring Treatwell Rewards to your salon

If you like the sound of Treatwell Rewards, just wait til you hear what else we have to offer. To become a part of the Treatwell community, just click the button below to book a free demo with one of our experts.