Japanese Straightening

Also known as:

Thermal Reconditioning, Yuko

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Curly hair can look and feel beautiful - when it chooses to be, that is. Other times it can be an unruly nightmare, refusing to be tamed and breaking more hair brushes than we care to remember. Japanese Straightening is a mane-busting procedure that can turn curly (or, you know, tumbleweed) texture into sleek locks by treating the follicles with a chemical solution that break the very bonds that give it its shape. Tempted? Come on, let’s straighten things out...

What to expect?

At the salon, a chemical solution is applied to clean hair and allowed to sit untouched to thoroughly break down the hair’s structure (you might want to grab a magazine for this bit!) Hair is then washed, dried, and restructured, piece by piece, with a ceramic straightening iron. The new shape is sealed in with a neutralising serum and then hair is rinsed, dried, and ironed all over again. Once you leave the salon, your newfound locks must remain untouched for three days in order for it to retain its new straightness. Remember, no tying your hair back or pulling it behind your ears!

Know before you go

  • If hair serums and smoothing oils aren’t cutting it, Japanese Straightening is a permanent solution. It’s important to note that your hair will fall flat from your head and won’t curl or wave on its own.
  • Once your hair has been treated, it will stay straight until it grows out, although you might need to touch up any new growth (usually around 4 to 6 months after treatment).
  • Results may vary depending on the length, thickness and texture of your hair type.
  • Please note that bleached, coloured, damaged or Afro-Caribbean hair are not suitable for this kind of treatment.

The sciencey stuff

The key to perfectly pin-straight hair is undivided time and attention, so be prepared for lots of waiting around in the salon chair: 3 to 4 hours to be precise (or up to 8 hours if your hair is particularly wild). This is all down to the chemical solution that alters the bonds of your hair (scientifically known as cystine), which unfortunately takes a while to do its job. Luckily, you’ll get to leave with permanently straightened locks. Now that’s time worth spent!

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