Marketing tools and promotions for your salon

Build a strong client base and connect with your clients easily through email and SMS. Create flash sales, VIP cards and marketing campaigns to keep them coming back, again and again!

Treatwell Pro
increasingly loyal clients
Increasingly loyal clients

Create discounts, promotions, packages and subscriptions that can be sold online – another way to keep people coming back.

communicating has never been easier
Communicating has never been easier

Send fully personalised emails and SMS messages to your clients. Easily add text and images and let your creativity run wild!

create a unique experience for your salon
Create a unique experience for your salon

Send out discounts and bonuses to make your clients feel even more special, and increase loyalty and turnover effortlessly.

Promotions, discounts and packages

More revenue with less effort!

Allow your clients to buy gifts and VIP cards online at any time. Offer personalised deals and build client loyalty by providing a unique service.

VIP and gift cards

Whether it’s for a special day like a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s or Father’s Day, offer your clients the opportunity to buy a gift card or prepaid online card that enables the lucky recipient to book treatments in your salon.

Online subscriptions and packages

Build client loyalty with discounted descriptions and packages. You can sell them online even when the salon is closed, allowing your salon to earn more money with no effort.

Flash promos

Say goodbye to downtime for good. Do you have empty slots during the day, or perhaps in the next 24/48/72 hours? Fill them by creating flash promos in a few simple steps; you choose the treatments while Treatwell Pro reminds you when the promotion expires.

Loyalty cards

What better way to build client loyalty than to collect points? It only takes a few minutes to set up and Treatwell Pro updates your clients’ points after each visit.

more revenue with less effort

Marketing campaigns and comms

Strengthen your relationships with your clients

Make your clients feel special with Treatwell Pro. Use Pro to keep them updated on everything you’re doing and how they can take advantage of what you offer.

Email and SMS templates

Want to stay in touch with your clients after their appointment but don’t know where to start?We’ve got you covered. With Treatwell Pro, you’ll find easy-to-use email and SMS templates ready to be sent!

Win back lost clients

Every business loses clients for various reasons and often you don’t know exactly how many you’re losing. With the analytics in Treatwell Pro, you can see the exact figures, plus you’ll have a communication model to help you win them back. Give yourself a second chance.

Birthday emails

Make your clients feel special on their birthday by sending them a birthday email. Decide exactly when to send it and if you want to combine it with a special promotion or discount.

Targeted marketing campaigns

You decode who you want to send emails or SMS messages to using the filters in the marketing tool. Your clients will receive the right communication, at the right time, helping you achieve the results you want for your salon.

strengthen your relationships with your clients
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