An intelligent, cash register system for your salon

Flexible payment solutions for hair and beauty professionals. Taking payments is a breeze with Treatwell.

Treatwell Pro
payments via app
Payments via app

You can issue receipts from the Treatwell Pro app directly from your smartphone, with no waiting and no special configuration needed.

sell your products quickly
Sell your products quickly

Whether it’s a loyal client purchasing a product or somebody passing by, it’s easy to sell products in a few clicks and add a discount if required. Your stock is updated automatically.

cash up in one minute
Cash up in one minute

When it’s time to cash up at the end of the day, close your till in one click with Treatwell. Then, you’ll receive an email with the day’s report. No more calculators and endless accounting.

Cash and payments

Your till just got faster and more powerful.

You can issue electronic receipts from your smartphone or tablet. Never before has a checkout system been so easy.

Product sales

If a client buys one or more products, you can enter them in the checkout system or scan the barcode with a special scanner. Don’t worry about your stock – it updates automatically!

Customisation of prices

With Treatwell, you can define the price list for your services and customise them for an individual client. The management system automatically saves the price of the product or service for the next checkout, without you needing to do anything.


Had somebody dropped in? You can easily enter walk-in clients and decide whether or not to create a complete personalised record and save it in your address book. From the till function, you can also find out how many clients are in the salon, who they are, and what services they are receiving.

your till just got faster and more powerful

Payments, discounts and refunds

Treatwell Pro takes care of your accounting

Simple online payments

Treatwell’s app is the fastest and easiest way for your clients to pay. They can prepay online when they book their appointment, meaning there’s nothing else for you to do.

Discount and promotion management

You can manage subscriptions, promotions, packages, and can apply discounts on specific services or across the entire bill. Each promotion can be associated to a single client with a personalised code. Plus, the management system automatically reminds you of active offers.

Always up-to-date discounts

Manage your subscriptions and discounts whilst preserving your turnover. For your most loyal clients, you can set a special discount, and the management system will automatically apply it when it’s time for the client to pay.

Choice of payment method

You can offer your clients different payment methods: online, cash, card, or via their subscriptions. You can also offer part-payment, for example by cash and card.

treatwell pro takes care of your accounting
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